Clinic choice for your first hair transplant determines lifelong surgical results.

  • Hair transplant surgery is no longer an unfamiliar cosmetic procedure.
    In fact, many hair loss patients use it for appearance improvement and self-confidence.
    Many patients start living a satisfactory life after their hair transplant!
  • However, due to the popularization of hair transplant surgery, clinics are springing up rapidly.
    It is becoming a problem as the cases of failure are increasing as much as the cases of hair transplant surgery
  • The main reasons for hair transplant failure are the wrong direction and angle of the transplanted hair, due to the lack of density and awkward design during pre-operation.
  • Because hair transplantation uses the limited resource of occipital hair follicles, the number of surgeries available is limited.
  • If the operation is done incorrectly, it can lead to unsatisfied results.
    You may have to take results for the rest of your life,
  • so you need to be careful in the first step of choosing your clinic.

Clinic Selection Criteria for A Successful Hair Transplantation

1. Medical Expertise

Check if it is
a hair transplant-
focused hospital

2. Surgical method
  • Check the competency and proficiency of medical staffs
  • Check whether personalized surgery is available
3. Hair follicle separator specialists

Confirmation of completion of hair transplant surgery and hair follicle separation training

4. Surgery reviews
  • Check the surgical progress of similar cases to your own
  • Check the percentage of complaints among all reviews
5. Post-op care

A clinic that takes full responsibility until the final stage of hair transplants

6. Medical research

Share the latest treatment information and clinical cases through regular conferences

1. Medical expertise
  • When choosing a hair transplant clinic, it is important to check the clinic’s hair transplant experience.
  • These days, when hair transplant clinics are springing up, there are many cases where only hair transplant departments are added.
  • Due to the nature of hair transplantation, it takes at least 4 hours, so only 1 or 2 surgeries can be performed a day at most.
  • In particular, it may be difficult to expect good results at new clinics because they have little surgical experience.
2. Surgical methods
  • Rather than a hospital that focuses on only one type of methods, It is recommended to decide the surgical methods at a hospital that can perform personalized surgery.
  • For hair transplantation, the hair must be collected delicately, and even during transplantation, the transplant must be carried out carefully according to the direction and angle of the existing hair around the transplanted area, so the proficiency of medical staffs is more important than anything else.
3. Hair follicle separator specialists
  • It is recommended to check whether the hospital has a resident hair follicle separator with skills and experience. If an untrained hair follicle separator separates the hair follicle, it will become an unusable hair follicle. In order to safely protect hair follicles and increase the engraftment rate, a professionally trained hair follicle separator must be employed.
  • In particular, in hair transplant surgery, the hair follicles must be separated and transplanted in a short time, so teamwork between a skilled hair follicle separators and the surgeon is also important.
4. Surgery reviews
FUE Non-incision hair transplant 1,700 hairs after 445 days *Pain and progress after surgery may differ depending on the individual.
  • Since each hospital and medical team has a different design philosophy, it is helpful to look at the surgical procedure of cases similar to yours. It is also important to check the percentage of complaints given by all hospital reviews.
  • Blindly unconditional selection that prioritizes only a large number of hair grafts and costs should be avoided. This is because it is more important how hair transplantation takes place than how much hair is planted.
5. Postoperative care
  • Hair transplant requires at least one year to be observed until the results of the surgery are confirmed, so it is very important to maintain consistently after surgery. In case of hair transplant, after watching for 1 years, your hair transplant clinic might have to check up and perform revision surgery if needed. But if your clinic runs out of business, you may not be able to receive the post management properly.
  • Only when you choose a reliable hospital that takes full responsibility for post-management, you can get satisfactory hair transplant results.
6. Medical research
  • A successful hair transplant hospital constantly researches and develops its own strengths.
  • If your clinic holds regular conferences and live surgeries, you can expect high-quality surgical results because their doctors can share and discuss the latest treatment information and clinical cases and experiences related to hair transplantation.