Hair Transplant on Scars

Since 1997, we have had extensive experience with a variety of hair transplant cases.
We perform hair transplantation to restore scars in an optimal way depending on the degree of scarring and swelling.

  • Operation time
    Within 2 hours on average
  • Recovery Period
    return to daily routine the day after surgery
  • Anesthesia Method
    Partial & Sleep Anesthesia
  • Differentiation with general hair transplantation
    2 times of surgery required

MOJELIM Hair transplant on scars Core competencies

High Engraftment Rate
Medical staffs and surgical methods optimized for hair transplant on scars
Extensive expertise
Mastery of transplanting various types of scars such as scalp, eyebrows, and beard
Optimal density
Abundant transplantation through follicular-unit selection
Maximize naturalness
Gradation effect thanks to transplanted fine hair

Can hair transplant be done on scars? MOJELIM Hair Transplant on Scars

“Not many people know that hair transplantation is possible even in scar tissues.”
When hair does not grow in areas where hair should be due to accidents or surgical scars, it becomes more noticeable than normal scars.
Hair transplant is one of the best ways to cover these scars.
MOJELIM has focused on and specialized only in hair transplant since 1997.
With a variety of hair transplant clinical experience, no matter how deep the scar is, we are confident with our technical skills that could result in a high engraftment rate on scar tissues. Scar case that can be covered with hair transplant
  • Case 1. Scars after medical surgery
  • Case 2. Scars after cosmetic surgery
  • Case 3. Scars from various accidents and habits

Results vary depending on where and from whom you receive it. Hair Transplant on scars, the reason why engraftment rate is important

General hair transplant
Hair transplant on scars
In the scar area, hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, etc. are destroyed and central blood vessels are atrophied, so blood circulation is poor, and transplanted hair follicles are not resilient to engraft, and are replaced with tough fibrous tissue.
A much higher level of difficulty is required.
Therefore, in the case of hair transplantation on scar tissues, it is necessary to increase the engraftment rate by softening the scar tissue and inducing blood vessel generation through various procedures. In addition, successful results can be expected only when there is surgical expertise to fix the transplanted hair follicle deeper and more firmly than normal tissue.

Check out the before and after results of our customers! MOJELIM's before and after photos

  • Case1. Scalp scarring after brain surgery
    Hair transplant on scar, 1,200 hairs after 370 days
  • Case2. Scars from burns (scalp)
    Hair transplant on scar, 3,000 hairs 202 days
  • Case3. Scars from burns (other - eyebrows)
    Hair transplant on scar, (eyebrows) 200 hairs in 14 days
※Postoperative pain and results may vary depending on the individual.

MOJELIM's expertise for high engraftment rate Surgical Methods of Hair Transplant on Scars

  • 1. If the scar area is small and relatively soft Hair follicles are transplanted with a hair transplanter like the usual transplantation method.
  • 2. If the scar area is rather large and hard First, a hole is made and the hair follicle is transplanted with a hair transplanter.
  • 3. In case the scar area is large or very hard due to severe fibrosis After scar tissue is removed using a punch for FUE, hair follicles are transplanted into the space.
Hair transplantation on scars varies in transplantation method depending on the size of the scar, the degree of fibrosis (hardness of the scar), and the condition of the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer.
If the scar is not very deep or large and not very hard, hair transplant can be effective in the usual way, but If the scar is too deep or wide and very hard, better results can be expected by using a slit or punch to create a place for the hair to enter.

Restoration of scalp condition for high engraftment rate Scar treatment to help regenerate

Mesotherapy treatment service
before / after surgery
In the case of fibrotic and hardened scars, the engraftment rate is low, so mesotherapy strengthens the scalp and hair roots at the same time.
Intensive management of EGF,
an epidermal growth factor
In the case of permanent hair follicle loss due to second-degree burns, scalp reconstructive flapping or tissue expansion was performed in the past.