MOJELIM's Design Essence

Abundant and stylish male hair transplant design

  • We design by considering individual face shapes, angles, and proportions, rather than simply focusing on filling areas with hair loss.
  • MOJELIM operates a specialized Male center and a team dedicated to men's hair transplantation.

MOJELIM’s Design Philosophy

Face proportion

Since 1997, MOJELIM has studied male hair transplant design based on numerous hair transplant cases.
MOJELIM's male hair transplant is the result of design by identifying the purpose and characteristics of each individual and utilizing key details such as the forehead, face, and image.

Density control Consideration of ratio Hair loss improvement Naturality

The key-points of 3-dimensional design Male Hair Transplant Design

  • Considering the ratio of the distance from the tip of the chin to the tip of the nose and the distance from the tip of the nose to the center of the glabella.
  • Consider the proportions of the temples,
    side hairline and lower temple line

The key to male hair transplant facial proportions

1. Front profile
  • Ratio
    Ratio between the distance from the tip of the chin to the tip of the nose and distance from the tip of the nose to the forehead 0.9:1:1 Total Length is 6.5~7.5cm
  • M-Slope Line
    Design to go up like the tip of the eaves according to the slope of the eyebrows
  • Widow’s Peak
    It is designed in a side hair style to create a three-dimensional effect according to the degree of forehead protrusion, facial features, and eyebrow inclination.
  • Uneven lines
    When designing vertically, transplantation results can be awkward, so hairline is designed slightly uneven to maximize naturalness.
2. Side profile
  • Temple
    • The temple is located 30 mm before and after the eyebrow tip between 30 and 60° of the horizontal line
    • The angle and length of the temple are designed differently depending on the height of the hairline, facial features, and face shape.
  • Side hairline
    • The side hairline is designed with an inclination of about 20° behind the ear.
    • Depending on the angle, different styles of side-profile image making are possible.
  • Lower temple line
    • Curved design with an inclination of about 10 to 15° between the temple horizon and the upper lip
    • When the angle is increased, an optical illusion effect occurs that the side face looks smaller.

The core of 3-dimensional design Male Hair Transplant Details

Follicular unit

Single hair follicle

  • Hair follicles classified by thickness are collected and structurally transplanted
  • Transplantation considering the angle of existing hair growth
  • Maximize naturalness as well as design
Sideburn Hair Transplant Design
  • Sideburns' length and width
    • The length is based on the tragus of the ear, and the thickness is designed to be about 14 to 15mm. Maximize naturalness by transplanting hair with different thicknesses from the center and bottom of the sideburns
  • Side combination
    • Sideburns, lower temple line is advanced overall design
    • As the area of the side hairline is increased, the side profile looks slimmer
Eyebrow hair transplant design
  • ① Fine hair Arrangement of the finest hair follicles for natural eyebrow hair expression
  • ② Medium-thickness hair Arrange medium-thickness hair to create a distinct line in the middle of the eyebrowsn
  • ③ Fine hair Place thin hair around the eyebrows for a natural gradation effect
Eyebrow Design
Various eyebrow designs are available depending on the face shape.
  • Round face shape Since the face is round, it is designed with angular eyebrows by shaping the eyebrow’s arch
  • Square face shape Angled eyebrows can emphasize a strong impression, so instead, soft arched eyebrows is recommended
  • Long face shape Designed with straight, tapered eyebrows to divert attention from the long face
  • Inverted triangle face For a softer image, the eyebrows are arched and the tail is designed with a long, drawn out eyebrow.
  • Oval face Designing according to the facial features with a face shape that goes well with any eyebrow

MOJELIM's Design Final Point That's 27 years of mastery.

Abundant and stylish male hair transplant design