MOJELIM Hair Transplant

MOJELIM, chosen by ‘100,000 people’
Since 1997, strictly focus on
hair transplant technology until now
Cumulative number of surgeries
120,994 cases
(As of February 5th, 2024)

We have focused only on hair transplant and hair loss treatment since 1997.
Rich clinical experience in both FUT and FUE Hair Transplants, With excellent engraftment rate and satisfactory results Currently, we are establishing ourselves

as a leading hair transplant institution in South Korea.

  • Hair transplant’s Pioneer

    Professor Kim Jeong Cheol of Kyungpook National University developed the world's first 'hair follicle transplantation’, He is a leading authority on hair transplant technology in Korea.
    Professor Kim's FUT hair transplant and hair loss treatment mastery was handed down to his first disciple, Director Hwang Jeong Wook, the founder of MOJELIM and passed on to MOJELIM’s medical staffs. Until now, the technology keeps being developed.
  • Representative Director Hwang Jeong Wook

    Director Hwang Jeong-wook is one of Korea's leading hair transplant authorities who has performed 'the largest number of hair follicle transplant surgeries in Korea.'
    Hair transplant expertise is recognized not only domestically but also internationally.
    He has shared his expertise through the establishment of MOJELIM.
  • MOJELIM Plastic Surgery, the symbol of hair transplant

    MOJELIM is currently the largest clinic specialized in the hair transplant field in Korea, with professionally trained surgeons and skilled staffs in each field.
    As South Korea's leading medical institution specializing in hair transplantation, we are equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and medical systems.
South Korea’s Largest-scaled Hair Transplant Institution 'MOJELIM'

The achievements of MOJELIM in 27 years have become the history of hair transplantation in Korea.
That's why MOJELIM's hair transplant is even more special.
Hair transplant for men and hair transplant for women are different by nature.
Therefore, we are doing our best to increase the safety and satisfaction of patients only by separating the centers by gender and constantly researching technology based on rich clinical experience and expertise.

  • MOJELIM Male Center

    The largest male hair transplant center in Korea, Operation of a male-only system, the largest number of male-only medical staffs
  • MOJELIM Female Hairline Center

    The only medical institution in the hair industry focused on the forehead, with a team of medical staffs dedicated to forehead plastic surgery, including hairline correction and forehead reduction.
  • MOJELIM Hair Loss Treatment Center

    MOJELIM's leading non-surgical hair loss treatment center since 1997
The largest number of ‘Hair transplant medical-staff training’ in South Korea

We thought it was our mission to share the expertise and value we have accumulated for the development of hair transplantation, which was a surgical item in plastic surgery.
About 60 hair transplant medical staffs have been trained by MOJELIM.
MOJELIM has now become a brand. Many medical staffs from across the country, starting with MOJELIM, are leading the industry.

More tenaciously, elaborately and meticulously We will raise the standard of hair transplant.