MOJELIM's Eyebrow Transplantation

Thick, neat and complete eyebrows with custom design

  • Operation time
    2-3 hours
  • Transplantation number
    400 to 600
  • Anesthesia Method
    Partial & Sleep Anesthesia
  • Surgery duration
    about 1 year

MOJELIM Eyebrow Transplantation Core competencies

Custom Design
Custom design according to facial features and face shape
Transplantation utilizing the direction of the eyebrows
Natural transplantation according to the existing eyebrow growth direction
Structural hair follicle placement
Arrangement of hair follicles of different thickness for each eyebrow position
Transplantation that preserves the texture of the eyebrows
Transplant along the 20-25° eyebrow angle
Eyebrow Hair transplant is suitable for the below cases!
  • Those who lack overall eyebrow density
  • Those who have unnatural semi-permanent treatment results
  • Those who partially have no eyebrows
  • Those who want a sharp and elegant impression

What are the most ideal eyebrows? Self-diagnosis of eyebrow shape

Source: Westmore's eyebrow aesthetic model
  • A. Eyebrow’s head Located in a straight line from the nasal bridge to the inner canthus
  • B. Eyebrow’s tail Located along the lateral canthus, obliquely from the nasal alar
  • C. Eyebrow’s arch Located on the lateral line of the cornea

The secret to natural and clear eyebrow transplant 3-Dimensional Eyebrow Design

1. Design according to the direction of eyebrow growth
  • If transplantation is performed without considering the growth direction of the eyebrows, the eyebrows and transplanted hairs may get tangled, resulting in unnatural eyebrows.
  • MOJELIM eyebrow transplant, designed considering the existing eyebrow growth direction, completes natural eyebrows without tangling.
2. Arrangement of different thickness hair follicles according to location Arrangement focusing on medium, thin and fine hair that is most suitable for the thickness of the eyebrows
  • ① Fine hair Arrangement of the thinnest hair follicles for natural eyebrow hair expression
  • ② Medium hair Arrange medium-thickness hair to create a distinct line in the middle of the eyebrows
  • ③ Thin hair Placing thin hair around the eyebrows for a natural gradation effect
3. Eyebrow design according to face shape Custom design according to personal preference is also possible!
  • Rounded face Since the face is round, the eyebrows are designed with angled eyebrows.
  • Square face Angled eyebrows can emphasize a strong impression, so they are designed with soft arched eyebrows.
  • Long face In order to draw attention to the long face, the eyebrows are designed with tapered ends in a straight shape.
  • Inverted triangle For a softer image, the eyebrows are arched and the tail is designed with a long, drawn out eyebrow.
  • Oval face A face shape that suits all eyebrows

Transplantation that preserves the texture of the eyebrows

1. Transplant at the optimal angle for close contact with the skin
  • Unlike hair, eyebrows grow in close contact with the skin.
    Taking advantage of the characteristics of these eyebrows, transplantation is carried out by adjusting the angle so that the transplanted hair can grow in a direction that closely adheres to the skin.
2. Transplantation that makes use of the curl of each eyebrow
  • The tip of each eyebrow curves toward the skin.
    In order to preserve the characteristics of these eyebrows, the curl direction of each transplant hair is adjusted and transplanted.
  • Completion of more even and natural eyebrows through transplantation that makes use of the texture of the eyebrows

Which surgical method is more suitable for me? Eyebrow transplant follicle harvesting method

  • FUE Eyebrow transplant
    • A surgical method that harvests only the necessary hair follicles from between hairs without incision.
    • Depending on the client's scalp condition and hair loss progress, the appropriate surgical method is determined and proceeded.
    FUE Eyebrow Transplant is not noticeable.
    Minimal scalp damage
    Relatively low pain, fast recovery
    Unnoticeable after surgery
  • FUT Eyebrow Transplant
    • A surgical method in which healthy hair follicles are transplanted to areas in need of hair by incising the scalp of the back of the head as much as necessary.
      Depending on the condition of the customer’s scalp condition and hair loss progress, the appropriate surgical method is determined and proceeded.
    FUT Eyebrow Transplant is reasonable.
    Easy discretionary transplant
    Relatively low cost
    Short operation time
The FUT method and the FUE method are only different in the sampling method, and there is no dominantly better surgical method.
Depending on the client's scalp condition and hair loss progress, the appropriate surgical method is determined and proceeded.