MOJELIM Safety Program

"Our promise to patients"
  • Customer safety is our top priority!
  • We will do our best to put safety first, from consultation to surgery and post-operative care, so that anyone can undergo surgery safely and comfortably.
  • Since 1997, strictly focus on hair transplant & hair loss treatment!
    We will keep continuing our mission.
Surgery satisfaction
(Survey of surgery customers in Jan~Dec, 2021)
Focus on safety, surgical environment and system

MOJELIM pursues safety perfectionism that does not allow even 1% risk.
We operate various systems only for patient safety and are thoroughly equipped with various safety facilities.

  • CCTV operation 24/7

    In order to relieve patients' complaints and worries, we provide a comfortable surgery environment for patients and guardians.
    Operating room CCTV is operated at all times so that the operation process can be checked through the CCTV.

  • Use of Genuine Equipment & Medicine

    No matter how expensive the unit price is, only genuine products certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and FDA
    are used for surgery in order to provide the best surgical results.

  • Sterilization and contamination control system

    To avoid infection after surgery, MOJELIM uses disposable hair transplanters developed by MOJELIM to operate without reuse, so you can receive surgery at ease. In addition, surgical instruments are individually wrapped and stored safely, and used instruments are thoroughly disinfected to prevent contamination and infection.

Result-oriented Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Program

MOJELIM always puts ourselves in the patient's point of view and respects the patient's opinion. In order to create the best results, we operate a customized system for customers to receive care from before surgery to after surgery.

  • Dedicated One-Team System with One surgeon in charge

    The surgeon in charge is in charge of the entire surgical process, and professional medical staffs who have undergone thorough training Will team up and take care of the process from healthy hair follicle collection to careful separation, fast and purified transplantation to increase the efficiency of surgery and achieve unparalleled results.

3-step Pain-Management System for Safe Anesthesia

MOJELIM provides safe and painless hair transplantation by implementing pain management through a 3-step pain management system. Through the pain sensitivity check, anesthesia methods and amount of anesthesia suitable for each individual are determined, and surgery is performed safely.
Stage 1 Pre
Determine anesthesia method after
checking individual pain
and sensitivity
Stage 2 Surgery
Reduction of pain when injecting
the thinnest anesthetic injection
Stage 3 Post
Minimal pain management
with MOJELIM recovery kit

Personalized Surgery Control System

MOJELIM thoroughly manages the entire process from pre-surgery to post-surgery recovery under the iron law that the safety of customers is the top priority.
01 Preoperative examination
  • Pain sensitivity check
  • Assess patient condition before proceeding with anesthesia
  • Selection of anesthetic agent and method of anesthesia
  • Design coordination through close consultation with the director
02 Intraoperative monitoring
  • 12 medical staffs per customer
  • Inspection of stable condition by constant monitoring
  • Operate a first aid system in preparation for emergencies
03 1:1 personalized care after surgery
  • Recovery kit provided, pain-free care
    (if necessary)
  • Scalp care and continuous progress check every 3, 6, 9 months

Implementation of Hair Transplant Responsibility Guarantee System

MOJELIM operates a hair transplant liability guarantee system that takes responsibility for the surgical results to the end and customer satisfaction in the postoperative results. If you have any discomfort after surgery, please feel free to contact us.