Differentiated Surgical System

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From consultation to surgery

One-person Medical Management System

  • Q
    Does the surgeon get changed into another surgeon in the middle of a surgery?
  • A
    At MOJELIM, our surgeon takes care of the surgery from start to finish to ensure surgical quality.

During surgery, one surgeon is responsible for the operation from start to finish.
From consultation to surgery, a single surgeon delivers a higher engraftment rate and natural results.

Maintaining the best conditions for medical staffs

  • Q
    I know MOJELIM has had a lot of surgeries, but how does a medical staff manage his condition?
  • A
    MOJELIM's medical team is always put into surgery in the best condition by operating the ‘minimum surgery schedule’.
Number of surgeries per day of MOJELIM medical staffs
incision surgery
1-2 cases
per day
non-incision surgery
1 case
per day

Depending on the condition of medical staffs, safety and results of the surgery on that day may vary.
MOJELIM's medical team only manages a maximum number of 1-2 surgeries per person per day to adjust individual conditions and maintain the quality of surgical skills.

Training medical staffs without surgical experience

  • Q
    Aren't new surgeons performing the surgery?
  • A
    New surgeons go through a two-year training period before being put into surgery.

In order to perform surgery at MOJELIM, the surgeon must complete a training period of at least 2 years before performing surgeries (2 years of training after obtaining a doctor's license).
During a period of two years, the medical staffs will experience about 1,000 surgeries (about 4,000 hours).
Through this training system, MOJELIM promises satisfactory results without deviation.

Improving surgical efficiency

through optimal personnel input

  • Q
    How many people are involved in the operation?
  • A
    Up to 7 people are put in to improve the efficiency of the operation.

In hair transplantation, the golden time from collection to transplantation acts as a major factor in improving the engraftment rate.
MOJELIM employs 1 surgeon, 2 nurses, 2-3 hair follicle separators, and up to 7 assistants in order to reduce surgery time and improve surgery efficiency.

MOJELIM Core Competitiveness

MOJELIM, the largest and longest-running hair transplant clinic in Korea

Rich surgical experience
Over 100,000 cumulative surgeries
Largest in Korea
About 200 medical surgeons and staff members
Gender-Specialized Centers
Differentiation of male and female hair transplant depending on genders
  • Outstanding Surgical experience of Medical staffs
    3,000+ hours per year
    MOJELIM medical staffs strictly conduct hair transplant procedures only.
    Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure in which the engraftment rate of hair changes within 0.1 mm of difference.
    That is why the surgical experience of the medical staffs performing the surgery is more important than anything else.
    MOJELIM's medical team devotes 8 hours a day, about 3,700 hours a year, to hair transplant surgery and research
  • Korea’s Largest Hair Transplant Institution
    2000+ m² of hospital facilities 200+ staffs
    Provides the optimal environment for comfortable and safe surgeries
    MOJELIM is an institution that focuses only on hair transplant and hair loss treatments, and boasts not only surgical skills but also the largest dimension scale in Korea.
    The spacious hospital facilities of 2000 m² are equipped with about 200 professional staffs and the latest surgical equipment We hope that you will receive surgery and treatment comfortably and safely in an optimal environment.
  • South Korea's First Gender-Specialized Centers
    Differentiating surgical methods according to gender
    Male and female hair transplantation must start with different approaches
    Male and female hair transplantation are different from the technical approach. Recognizing this fact early on, MOJELIM started performing surgeries in male and female centers from 2010.
    Dividing centers was not only a simple division, but a complete level division from the medical staffs in charge to where each center is located in our clinic.
    Through this classification, natural hair transplant and hairline correction services suitable for gender are in progress.
  • Hair Transplant Intensive Medical Center
    Since 1997, ONLY Hair Transplant
    More than 100,000 hair transplant surgeries have been performed and more than 50 research papers have been published.
    Because MOJELIM has focused on a single subject of hair transplantation, we are able to accumulate a larger amount of surgical data.
    In addition, since the medical team was composed of specialists in one field, the surgeons were able to improve their skills by sharing their surgical expertise and latest knowledge.
    Through these efforts since 1997, MOJELIM has been able to become a leader in the field of hair transplantation.