MOJELIM Hair Transplant

Experience from more than 100,000 surgical cases represents our mastery.

Cumulative 120,994 cases

Absolute self-confidence regained Real Results from MOJELIM

FUE Hairline Correction, 2,800 hairs after 362 days
FUT Hairline correction 2,600 hairs after 370 days
FUT Hair Transplant, 3,200 hairs, after 395 days
FUT Hair Transplant, 3,600 hairs, after 443 days
※ Results and effects vary depending on individuals, and there may be possible side effects.
※ Before and after photos may differ from the actual results. Please take them as references.
  • 27 years of Hair Transplant History

    1st Generation Hair Transplant Clinic in South Korea

    Since 1997

    27 years of abundant experience and expertise that provide world-class surgical technology

  • South Korea’s Largest Hair Transplant Institution

    98% Postoperative Satisfaction


    ※Survey on surgical patients from Feb, 2016~Nov, 2016 (N=271)

  • 12 medical surgeons and staffs for surgery management

    Assignment of 1 surgeon for each patient

    12 Medical Staffs

    For the best final results, a team of 12 staffs will take care of each patient.

  • Avoid surgical fatigue for our doctors

    A Large-scale Team of Hair Transplant Surgeons

    19 Professionals

    For the best physical and mental conditions to perform surgery

    ✤ Includes the number of medical staffs in Seoul, Daegu, and Taiwan

Transparent Surgical Procedures Installation of CCTVs in Operating Rooms

MOJELIM's surgical procedures are transparent and safe.
All CCTVs are in operation 24/7.
To protect our patients' rights and safety, the operation process can be confirmed through CCTV.


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