MOJELIM’s Design Essence

Female Hairline Correction and Male Hair Transplant are different!

  • Unlike Male Hair Transplant, Female Hairline Correction is a procedure that requires a sophisticated design because it has a strong cosmetic purpose.
  • MOJELIM operates a specialized Female center and a team dedicated to women's hairline.

MOJELIM's Design Philosophy


Since 1997, MOJELIM has studied hairline design based on numerous cases of hairline correction.
MOJELIM hairline correction identifies the purpose of female hairline correction and individual characteristics.
This is the result of designing with key details such as personal images.

Baby-face effect Face slimming Fine-hair expression Naturalness

The Core of 3-Dimensional Design The Core of Female Hairline Design

  • Golden Ratio Distance from the tip of the chin to the tip of the nose, from the tip of the nose to the middle of the forehead 0.8:1:1 Ratio
  • Aspect and Ratio Angle Diagonal 45° ratio from eyebrow tip Lateral ratio from medial angle of eye

The core of 3-dimensional design Female Hairline Key Points

Follicular unit

Single follicle

  • Hair follicles classified by thickness are taken and structurally transplanted
  • Transplant considering the direction of existing hair growth
  • Maximize naturalness as well as design

The core of three-dimensional design Key points based on female hairline's classification

1. Design depending on forehead shape
  • M-shaped forehead
    The M-shaped forehead may look masculine
    and strong, so the design changes the sides naturally.
    Emphasizes femininity.
    FUE Non-incision hairline 2,000 hairs after 330 days
  • Angular forehead
    An angular forehead makes the side of the face appear larger with a wide gap between the eyebrow tail and the sideburn.
    In this case, the angular parts on both sides of the forehead are designed in a rounded oblique shape.
    FUT hairline correction 4,000 hairs, after 400 days
  • High forehead
    Determine the width of the design considering the length and proportions of the entire face.
    Harmony is the key in hairline design.
    FUT hairline correction 3,200 hairs 384 days
2. Design along the forehead's hairline
  • Irregular hairlines
    Irregular hairlines can give off a sloppy look.
    We design highly feminine hairline by considering the angle of temple points.
    FUE Non-incision hairline correction 2,800 hairs 878 days
  • Asymmetric forehead
    A forehead shape that is not symmetrical can break the balance of the face.
    It is designed by correcting asymmetry to balance the face shape and hairline.
    FUE hairline correction 2,800 hairs, after 321 days
  • Lateral hairline correction
    A wide forehead can make your face appear larger.
    Design the side forehead line and sideburns which can create small-face effect.
    FUT hairline correction 3,200 hairs, after 498 days
3. Design according to face shape
  • Inverted triangle face shape
    We meticulously design the hairline based on the ratio between the forehead, the upper part of the face and side burns which is in harmony with the lower part of the face.
  • Angular face
    The hairline is designed in consideration of the ratio
    with the tip of both eyebrows, which helps the face to look slimmer.
  • Cheeky face
    The hairline is designed in consideration
    of the ratio with the tip of both eyebrows, which helps the face to look slimmer.
  • After implants or autologous fat injection
    As the forehead volume expands, the hairline is designed to improve the relatively low density of the parting and front line.

The final core of MOJELIM's design! The expertise that has been passed on since 1997.

  • · Design
    golden ratio, aspect and ratio angle
  • · Facial structure
    forehead shape, eye shape, face shape
  • · Structural transplantation
    maximization of naturalness